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EurOmega-3 (form PhosphOmega-3) 60 tabs - Euromedica

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EurOmega-3™ is the ONLY Omega-3 with DHA/EPA in a biologically active‚ phospholipid form as it naturally occurs in salmon (not chemically altered or artificially spiked) ensuring absorption and improved stability.

• Bioidentical Omega-3s – as nature intended.
• The Omega-3 fatty acids bound to phospholipids in EurOmega-3 are easily recognized‚ absorbed‚ and utilized by the cells of the body for optimal health benefits.
• Omega-3 fatty acids clinically studied for healthy heart‚ brain‚ skin‚ immune and nervous system support.
• Unique‚ heart-healthy bioactive peptides not found in krill‚ flax‚ or fish oil.
• Extracted by a patented‚ chemical-free process using only natural enzymes and cold water.
• Best source of Omega-3 from salmon bound to phospholipids.
• Third party tested for purity – no concerns with toxins‚ heavy metals‚ or contaminants.
• Hexane-Free.

Omega-3 fatty acids are critical for good health. They support cardiovascular health‚ mental well-being and cognitive function‚ skin and cell structure‚ and a healthy inflammation response. While omega-3 fatty acids are most typically available in supplemental form as flax or fish oils‚ these forms present various absorption‚ purity‚ and utilization challenges. There is a more convenient‚ natural‚ and stable source – omega-3s from fish‚ naturally bound to phospholipids‚ in a tablet delivery system.

EurOmega-3™ is the first major advance in Omega-3 science in the last 30 years. It is not a fish oil‚ but a fresher source of omega-3s. EurOmega-3™ uses no extreme heat‚ chemicals‚ or solvents‚ utilizing only a cold-water wash and enzymes‚ and is naturally bound to phospholipids for enhanced stability. In addition‚ EurOmega-3™ provides unique‚ heart-healthy bioactive peptides not found in krill‚ fish‚ or flax oil.

The EurOmega-3™ difference:
EurOmega-3™ is the end result of a French research project partially funded by the French government. In 2001‚ the French government‚ in conjunction with the National Interprofessional Office for Sea Products and Aquaculture‚ asked researchers throughout France to investigate potential uses of marine resources and accessory catches. This governmental research project gave rise to “Vectorization‚” a unique‚ patented extraction and manufacturing process developed at the University of Nancy.1 Vectorization is a process that extracts EPA and DHA naturally bound to phospholipids from the head of the salmon. The active matter in this product‚ which is called phospholipo-protein compound from salmon‚ is extracted according to this patented process – using no extreme heat‚ chemicals or solvents. Only cold water and proteolytic enzymes are used in Vectorization. The intense concentration of the phospholipid complex allows EurOmega-3™ to be delivered in a unique form as well: shelf stable tablets versus capsules or bottled oil.

Rancidity Challenges:
Freshness represents the stability of a product. The most accurate measure of freshness in oils is the TOTOX value. TOTOX (total oxidation) is a measure of the peroxide value (PV) and anisidine value (AV). AV essentially reflects an oil’s oxidative history (i.e.‚ how it has been handled and stored)‚ while peroxide value (PV) measures current oxidation. TOTOX (AV + 2PV) is used to describe an oil’s overall rancidity or quality.

Why Rancidity Matters:
All fish oils have some level of rancidity‚ as rancidity is a measure of oxidative damage to oil that begins with the first oxygen exposure. Beyond the “fish burps” and bad aftertaste‚ rancidity also creates free radicals‚ called hydroxyl free radicals and peroxides. These free radicals cause damage in the body. The internal antioxidant that arrests this free radical damage is glutathione‚ and is one of the most important substances the body makes. Consuming rancid oils uses up valuable levels of glutathione every day‚ and reduces the body’s reserves that are used to fight other sources of oxidative stress.

The Superior Stability and Absorption of Phospholipids:
Both phospholipids (PL) and triglycerides (TAG) can act as carriers for omega fatty acids. However‚ omega-3 fatty acids bound to PL carriers (EurOmega-3™) have been shown in scientific research to have greatly enhanced stability (less prone to rancidity) than fatty acids on TAG carriers.

This may be due‚ in part‚ to the position of the fatty acid on the PL or TAG carbon carrier chain. During the processing of fish oil‚ exposure to heat‚ pressure and solvents alters the position of the fatty acids on the triglyceride carbon chain‚ redistributing them from the preferred sn-2 position to the less desirable sn-1‚ sn-3 positions. This means the EPA and DHA are no longer identical to their natural state. It is theorized that this redistribution has an impact on absorption and utilization. It is true that omega-3 fatty acids are absorbed from fish oil. However‚ several grams must be used on a regular basis to achieve results‚ because triglycerides are ineffective carriers.

When EPA or DHA is located in the sn-2 position on the carrier chain‚ better effects have been reported than when found in the sn-1‚3 positions. Since EurOmega-3™ is not subjected to harsh processing methods‚ the omega-3 fatty acids remain in their original positions on the carbon chain (sn-2)‚ which is in turn bioidentical to the positioning of omega-3 fatty acids in the body. This allows for a perfect match with how the body utilizes these important compounds.

Along with the benefits of naturally occurring phospholipids‚ EurOmega-3™ also contains an array of bioactive peptides not found in oils. A peptide is a molecule formed by joining two or more amino acids and is distinguished from a protein on the basis of size‚ typically containing fewer than 50 amino acids. Occurring naturally in a multitude of plant and animal sources (especially milk‚ soy‚ and fish)‚ peptides remain inactive until they are released during gastrointestinal digestion.

Peptides are present in every living cell (as enzymes‚ hormones‚ receptors‚ etc.) and‚ depending on the specific sequence of amino acids‚ possess a variety of biochemical activities including – but not limited to – antioxidant‚ joint‚ immune‚ digestive and cardiovascular health-supporting actions. In addition to their various health supportive properties‚ the bioactive peptides present in EurOmega-3™ also contribute to its enhanced efficacy.

Safety‚ Purity and Sustainability:
Unlike many omega-3 supplements‚ EurOmega-3™ uses only one species of fish – Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). Native to the cold waters of the North Atlantic‚ the salmon are contained in ocean fjords in Norway and Scotland. These deep-water‚ narrow inlets are protected with marine-friendly nets that both protect the salmon and prevent them from leaving the fjord. However‚ they have all the advantages of ocean life – fresh‚ clean water‚ and natural diets – without the dangers of predation. Being a managed population – “wild farmed” – means that the salmon used in EurOmega-3™ aren’t culled from rapidly depleting wild stocks. It also means that they are not kept in shallow‚ artificial “fish farms” miles inland in unsanitary conditions. Additionally‚ no part of the salmon is wasted – the head tissue (rich in phospholipids) is used for EurOmega-3™‚ and the rest of the body is filleted for food. The entire process is responsibly managed throughout the cycle.

Each batch of EurOmega-3™ is analyzed by a 3rd party laboratory for purity‚ including tests for heavy metals‚ PCBs and other toxins.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose‚ treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using these or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition.

Other Ingredients: maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate, cellulose, gum arabic, silica, titanium dioxide, stearic acid, iron oxide.
Recommendations: 1-2 tablets daily or as recommended by a health care practitioner.
Contains no sugar, salt, soy, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, artificial flavoring or preservatives.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. BBB Business RevieweCommerce by Yahoo!VisaVisaAmerican ExpressDiscover

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